Pacific Websites



Asia Pacific Maps Online (a collection of maps produced by CartoGIS, ANU College of Asia and the Pacific)

Denison University (OH)

Ethnologue (Language database, has linked place-names)


Flags of All Countries (indexed alphabetically)

Graphic Maps & Clip Art

Maps of Australia and the Pacific

Oceania maps (public domain) (quicker loading) OR  (same map, painfully slow loading, but better printing)

Oceania photos and clip-art (subscription site, royalty-free)

Oddens's Bookmarks (thousands of links, but be willing to wade!)

Pacific maps (simple maps of 16 island States)

Pacific unlabelled map (pdf) (Look under "Resources and Opportunities for Teachers."

Papua New Guinea Maps

PNG Maps (courtesy David Huskins)

Where is that PNG Village? (Notes and database for searching for village names and places)

PCL Map collection

South Pacific Organizer

Te Puna NZ/Pacific Web Directory

UNICEF Social Indicators for Less Populous Countries

University of Texas Pacific maps

World Atlas

World Atlas Pacific Site

World Maps

World Resources Institute: Oceania Resources

World Travel Guide: Australia and the Pacific

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