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Anthropology publications



(a) Books  on Fijian art



1982a  Fijian Artefacts: the Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery Collection. Hobart, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Hobart.



1982b Mat-weaving in Gau, Fiji. Suva, Fiji Museum



1999 Ethnic Art and Ritual in the Negotiation of Identity: the Social Role of Bark-cloth in Vatulele Island, Fiji. Unpublished PhD Thesis, School of Sociology & Social Work, University of Tasmania



2009  Staying Fijian: Vatulele Island barkcloth and social identity. Adelaide (S.A.), Crawford House Publishing Australia & Honolulu (HI), University of Hawaii Press.



2014 Traditional Fijian Artefacts: illustrated with objects from public and private collections in Tasmania. Hobart: Just Pacific, in association with the Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery and Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery.



(b) Book chapters  and papers on Fijian art, and on the anthropology of art



1980 "Traditional Craft in Developing Countries: Living Fossil or Living Art?" Keynote Address in First South Pacific Arts Conference Report. Suva, Fiji Ministry of Education. pp.42-56



1987a "Lali: the Drums of Fiji", Domodomo: Fiji Museum Quarterly 4(4): 142-169 (see also 1999, below)



1987b "Bark-cloth and the Origins of Paper " in Conference Papers,1st National Paper Conference. Hobart, Papermakers of Australia.pp.11-15



1987c Fijian Pottery [Exhibition cat., text, photography, design, 8 p.,9 b&w illustrations, map) Hobart, University of Tasmania



1987d "A Fijian Potter at the University of Tasmania" in Pottery in Australia. Aug. p.66-67 (1 col. illustration)



1987-2010. "Paper: essays on origins and relationship to barkcloth."


1995 "Proto-Polynesian art? The Cliff Paintings of Vatulele, Fiji" in Journal of the Polynesian Society 103(1): 23-74 [map, 14 figs, 17 photos]



1998.  "Social stress, art and community". In Imprint, the Quarterly Journal of the Print Council of Australia 33(Summer): 2-4.



1999 "The Acoustic Properties of Fijian 'Slit-gongs'" in Art and Performance in Oceania, Eds Barry Craig, Bernie Kernot and Christopher Anderson. Bathurst (NSW): Crawford House Press, Chapter 17, pp.173-178 (see also 1987a, above)



2000 "All Things Bright and Beautiful, Or All Things Wise And Wonderful? Objects From Island Oceania in The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery" in Pacific Arts 15 & 16: 71-87



2000.  Fiji Coup 2000: some notes and essays by Rod Ewins. Online articles.



2000.  Fiji's mythical edifices of unity. Online article.



2001.  Paper: origins, significance, substance. Online articles.



2001  “Fijis New Western Confederacy” Published as book chapter In Lal, Brij Vatulele and Michael Pretes (eds): Coup: Reflections on the Political Crisis in Fiji. Canberra, Pandanus Press (Australian National University), Ch.19, pp.107-112 (originally published on as an online article). (Whole book available as free pdf download from



2004 "Symmetry and semiotics: the case of Fijian bark-cloth figuration"  Chapter 9, Embedded symmetries, natural and cultural (Amerind New World Studies Series). D.Washburn (ed). Albuquerque (NM), University of New Mexico Press. pp.161-183. Publisher's note.



2007 "The perils of ethnographic provenance; the documentation of the Johnson Fiji collection in the South Australian Museum." Chapter 3 IN Hunting the collectors; Pacific collections in Australian museums, art galleries and archives, Susan Cochrane and Max Quanchi (eds). Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. pp. 33-67.



2010 "Dard Hunter and the 'bark-paper' of the Pacific: insights into technical, technological, and cultural affinities." Chapter 4 IN Speaking of paper…The Anita Lynn Forgach keynote speakers, edited by Whitney S. Baker. Chillicothe (OH): Friends of Dard Hunter, Inc. pp.39-57



2010 "Fijian Dress and Body Modifications," IN Vol.7, Part 11, "Polynesia". Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion, Oxford (U.K.), Berg Fashion Library pp.435-43



2013. October. "Re-imagining identity and re-configuring barkcloth in Fiji / Identitätswandel und die Neugestaltung von Rindenstoff in Fiji". Ch. 8 In  Made in Oceania. Tapa—Kunst und Lebenswelten / Art and social landscapes.[Bilingual in English and German]. Mesenhöller, Peter and Oliver Lueb (eds.),  Köln (Cologne): Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum Kulturen der Welt. pp. 82-97.



2013. December. "Two important whale-tooth ivory objects from Fiji, hidden under the sobriquet of "scrimshaw" in the W. L. Crowther Library Collection, Hobart". Kanunnah 6: 94-107


2014.  Several myths surrounding Fijian traditional art. Text of Illustrated talk at Meeting,Oceanic Art Society, Sydney. 24 Sep 2014.



2017 (Chapter in forthcoming book). "The red barkcloths of Fijina masi damu ni Viti". Ch. In Tapa de l'Asie du Sud-Est ą la Polynésie Orientale / Tapa from Southeast Asia to Eastern Polynesia [separately published in French and in English] (Éditions d'Art). Charleaux, Michel (ed.) Paris: Somogy.



(c) Video on Fijian art



Ewins, Rod; Leigh Hobba; Amele Nacewa and Kiti Makasiale  1987. Kuro: the work of master potter Amele Nacewa. (VHS (PAL & NTSC) Video). Hobart: The University of Tasmania



(d) Book reviews by Rod Ewins



1983 "Future Directions in the Study of the Arts of Oceania" Judith Huntsman (ed). Mankind 4(2):141-2



1999 "The Poetic Power of Place: Comparative Perspectives on Austronesian Ideas of Locality" James J.Fox. The Australian Journal of Anthropology 10(1):104-5



2001a "The Maori and the Crown: An indigenous people's struggle for self- determination" By Dora Alves. Pacific Affairs 74(2): 292-293



2001b "Fiji before the storm: elections and the politics of development" Brij Lal (ed) Pacific Affairs 74(2): 298-299



2001c "Confronting Fiji futures" Akram-Lodhi (ed) Pacific Affairs 74(2): 300-302



2001d  "Kie hingoa 'named mats', 'Ie toga 'fine mats' and other treasured textiles of Samoa and Tonga" (JPS Special Issue) Pacific Arts 23-24: 123-6



2002a "Living on the fringe: Melanesians in Fiji." Winston Halapua. Pacific Affairs 75(3): 501-2 Fall 2002



2002b. “The traditional pottery of Papua New Guinea” May & Tuckson. Pacific Arts 23-24: 129-31



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2005  “The method of hope: anthropology, philosophy and Fijian knowledge." Hirozaku Miyazaki. Stanford (CA): Stanford University Press. 2004. Pacific Affairs 78(2):336-7



2006 "After the Rush. Regulation, Participation, and Chinese Communities in Australia 1860-1940." Edited by Sophie Couchman, John Fitzgerald and Paul Macgregor. Victoria (Australia): Otherland Literary Journal (Special Issue No 9). 2004 Pacific Affairs 79(2) July



2009 “Pacific Pattern” by Susanne Küchler & Graeme Were. London. Thames & Hudson, 2005. Museum Anthropology Review 3(2).



2010 "OCEANIA: Art of the Pacific Islands in The Metropolitan Museum of Art." By Eric Kjellgren. New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art; New Haven and London: Yale University Press. 2007. Pacific Affairs. 83(1): 220-221 Spring, March 2010


2010 July "Collective creativity: Art and society in the South Pacific," by Katherine Giuffre. Anthropology and Cultural History in Asia and the Indo-Pacific Series, Ashgate, Farnham and Burlington, 2009. Anthropological Forum 20(2):176–178



2011 (900 word review) "Pacific Images: Views from Captain Cooks Third Voyage", by Eleanor C. Nordyke and James A. Mattison Jr. Privately published, Distributed by University of Hawai’i Press, Honolulu. Second Edition, 2008. Museum Anthropology Review 5(1-2): 76-79.



2015 "Four degrees of global warming: Australia in a Hot World." Edited by Peter Christoff. Abingdon, Oxon; New York, NY: Routledge, 2013. Pacific Affairs 89(2): 496-8.


2016. "Compte rendu de The pearl frontier. Indonesian labor and indigenous encounters in Australia’s northern trading network, de Julia Martínez & Adrian Vickers". In Le Journal de la Société des Océanistes [Special Issue: Du corps ą l’image. La réinvention des performances culturelles en Océanie] 142-143 (1): 296-99.


(e) Consultancies



1999 Oct. F.H.Williams Museum of Papermaking (Atlanta GA, USA). Survey, photographing and cataloguing of Dard Hunter collection of Pacific bark-cloth.



2001 Sept-Oct. South Australian Museum, Adelaide. Survey, photographing and detailed comment on collection of some 900 Fiji items.



2005 May-Sept. UNESCO: Evaluation of submission to UNESCO by Uganda, for possible proclamation of Uganda traditional barkcloth as a “Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity”. R.Ewins produced 7,000 word report recommending proclamation under specified conditions. Recommendation accepted by UNESCO and proclamation duly made in Dec. 2005 .



2007 February. Victoria Museum, Melbourne. Survey, Survey and detailed comment on collection of some 1,000 Fiji items.



2009 May. Australian Museum, Sydney. Survey. Survey and detailed comment (in database form) on collection of Fiji material.


2009 September. Queensland Art Gallery. Consultation on catalogue and didactic leaflet preparation for exhibition "Paperskin: Barkcloth across the Pacific", 31Oct.09 —14 Feb.10


2011 May-June. Survey and detailed comment (in database form) on collections of Fiji material in: Grassi Museum, Leipzig; University Ethnology Museum, Göttingen; Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum, Köln; Saffron Walden Museum, Essex; National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh.



2015 April. (Invited and sponsored) Survey and detailed comment (in database form) on Rev. George Brown collections of Fiji material and Pacific barkcloth, in Minpaku, National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka, Japan.



(f) Book Citations of published material of R.Ewins (in Author alphabetical order)



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Tomlinson, Matt. 2012. “Passports to eternity: whales’ teeth and transcendence in Fijian Methodism” in Flows of Faith 215-231




Plus a number of reviews of R.Ewins's books and articles in journals.




Anthropology & Art Publications



1981 Vanishing Landscape (Penny Smith Ceramics). Adelaide,Festival Centre Gallery



1987  “Centre for the Arts”, Pottery in Australia.  Aug:60-61 (5 col.illustr.)



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1991 (with E.Colless) Igor Podolchak: Ukrainian Printmaker. Hobart, Tasmanian School of Art (12p,6ill)



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1994  “Art and the ARC: Surviving the flood, and flowing round the obstacle”, Papers and Proceedings of Third National Art Research Conference, Wollongong



1994  “The pursuit of culture and other forlorn endeavours Online article



1998  “Social stress, art and community” in IMPRINT, The Quarterly Journal of the Print Council of Australia, 33 (Summer):2-4








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